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Physical Education and Sport
Judy Davidson

Jan 18 – PEDS 401 Ethics • Ethics or moral theory, as a branch of philosophy seeks to understand values in human conducts as humans relate to others • Philosophical ethics searches for ways to re - evaluate standards of justification adopted for human conduct • An ethical statement would say why health is more important than winning Philosophical Ethics • Addresses the meaning and uses of such terms as `ought`, `right` and `wrong`, `good` and `bad`, obligation` and `responsibility`.... as they apply to persons, actions, social practices and arrangements Types of Ethics • Ethics is the study of morality • Applied ethics is that branch of ethics which attempts to resolve moral dilemmas • Professional ethics is a subset of applied ethics. The professions are one area where moral dilemmas arise 1.)Know what ought to happen 2.)We are attempting to solve moral dilemmas. Moral dilemmas are when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place 3.) Moral/ethical issues are those that ask questions of value about the rights and welfare of persons Need to ask: What is the content of ethics? What are situations in which moral questions arise? What are ethical contexts for the question “what ought I to do?” Moral Issues • Moral issues are those which raise questions of value about the rights and welfare of persons and other sentient beings and character of people (Callahan, p6) • Sentience – having power of perception by the s
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