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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Judy Davidson

April 5 – Paternalism – Rights and Obligations Are all instances of paternalistic decisions by PE practitioners morally problematic? When is regulation or intervention justified? What ought to be the relationship between participants in PA and professionals? 1.) Rights and Obligations • Rights – something to which a person can lay claim as due or owing to him or her by virtue of being human Assumptions of an ethics of rights • Authority • Negative and positive rights • Think that our contract in this class. We are all in conflict and competitive against one another for grades. This a prescriptive rule of this game • How do we protect each other and ourselves in this relationship? Through contracts Negative Rights • The right to be left alone • Negative rights impose an obligation on others to refrain from interfering • Examples include the right to privacy, DNR, the right to risk • Others have an obligation to not deprive another life, liberty, or possessions but they need not take positive steps to maintain life, or provide conditions under which freedom can be meaningfully exercises, or provide property Positive Rights • Imposes an obligation to provide • In Canadian society, the right to universal access to health is a right owed to all citizens
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