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PHYSL372 Lecture 1: PHYSL 372

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Passive force is due to stretching of the elastic molecule titin (connectin). As a muscle get shorter the force began to go down ©. There is no passive or active force at that time because the muscle is not producing anything. There is a linear relationship between the input and the output of the force during contraction. The CNS controls actuators that are not linear with feedback control. A negative feedback control loop automatically minimises error between desired and actual output, . Feedback command specifies desired state. Receptor that control feedback for respiration is baroreceptors. We control carbon dioxide during respiration. Somatosensory systems She can control her movement because her eyes are closed. Skin receptors respond to pressure. Mechanoreceptors respond to pressure that depolarize initial region of the axon. Thermoreceptors respond to vibration (1000 potential/seconds). To measure nerve velocity in a arm, the on
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