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Poli Sci 101 types of states

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Political Science
POL S101
Isaac Odoom

The Sovereign State Independent state – control of own law • To be a member of the UN, you must be a sovereign state • Newest member of UN is South Sudan o Became sovereign state 2 years ago • No other person or institution is more powerful than the state o No law in Canada is able to be overthrown by anyone or anything within or outside of Canada o Until 1988, Canada still had to get approval of the Queen in order to pass a law Fail State • Somalia o For a long time there has not been a government that is able to support and function as a proper government  All decisions/ laws passed made by UN  Theoretically supposed to be sovereign state, but due to inability to self- govern, until a legitimate government is elected and instated, it is governed by outside forces The Typology of the State
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