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Blaine Mullins

Psychology Chapter 6: Learning 1 How does NS learn? How does this pertain to human behavior. 1. What is learning? Learning is not just acquiring new behaviours. Learning does not necessarily involve special training. 2 Stuff we learn without conious efford. Conscious effort/work: pysics/dance/read -Learning involves getting RID of UNWANTED behaivour ie.quitting smoking 1. What is learning? Learning: an enduring change in the mechanisms of behavior involving specific stimuli and or responses that result from prior experience with similar stimuli and responses. 3 Not just any kind of change- must retain that change. Touch stove 1, never touch again (not continue to touch) Must result from our experience from specific stimulus and response ie.stove=hot No mention of conciousness=allows us to test learning on animals/machine 2. Habituation Habituation: the progressive decrease in the vigor of an elicited behavior that may occur with repeated presentations of the eliciting stimulus. 4 PROBLEM with Learning: consistantly being bombarded by stimulous, can't respond to all of them. Mus Learn what we can ignore and what we must react to this is called...habituation With enough experience you learn to ignore it. ie. Train passing your house, you no longer notice it.
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