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Vision Continued

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Blaine Mullins

Psychology Chapter 4: Vision continued 1 1. Depth perception • Depth perception results from a combination of binocluar & monocular cues. a) Binocular: i.Retinal disparity ii.Convergence 2 Info from one eye- 2 monoculor cues. Both eyes- binoculor 7 Even if you poke one eye out you can still perceive some depth 1. Depth perception i.Retinal disparity: objects at different distances fall on different locations on the retina. 3 The farther an object the location changes on the retina. Neurons calculate where on retina and calculates how far object is. Disparity on retina is a cue our eyes use 1. Depth perception i.Convergence: Your brain controls extraoccular muscles so it can calculate the angle between the eyes. ( ( ( 4 Brain controls muscles to calculate angle between the eyes. The closer the angle the father away(?) 1. Depth perception a) Monocular: i.Interposition iiLinear perspective iiTexture iv.Haze v.Shading vi.Elevation viiMotion Parallax 5 i)if something is closer to you it blocks things that are farther away. Ie stand behind podium, know podium is in front of/blocking legs therefore it is closer. ii)know as parallel lines go off into the distance they are converging, the closer these lines are to us the farther away. ii)the farther away it is the finer and finer the texture/pattern is. iv)the dust in the atmosphere, the farther away the ima
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