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Jennifer Passey

March 26Social PsychologyOur most central attitudes are known asA valuesAccording to the Elaboration Likelihood Model we reserve elaborative reasoning for messages that seem mostto usA relevantA person on a diet who eats a piece of chocolate cake for lunch may experience related to this discrepancy between attitudes and behaviourA cognitive dissonanceBecoming More Confident In Our ChoicesAccording to the cognitive dissonance theory we should be motivated to set any doubts aside after making a decisionEven in the absence of new info people suddenly become more confident of their choice after acting on it than they were beforeWhen a choice is reversible people have less need to bolster their attitude towards what they have chosenInsufficient Justification EffectWhen a person relieves cognitive dissonance by changing their attitude occurs only if the person has no easy way to justify the behaviour given their attitudeFestinger and Carlsmith 1959 gave students a boring task and hired them to tell another student that it was excitingSome were offered 1 others were offered 20People paid 1 changed their attitude toward the task later recalling it as enjoyable but those paid 20 didnt
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