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Jennifer Passey

March 28Social PsychologyNormative Influence in Public Service MessagesCialdini public service messages that include statements about the large number of people who engage in some undesirable behaviour may undermine the messagesEx Household recycling messagesEx Signs aimed at decreasing the stealing of petrified wood from petrified forest national parkTest QuestionsWe are most strong influenced by those people who are physically or psychologically to usA Closest influence is the type that works through the persons desire to be part of a group or to be approved of by othersA normativeComplianceOne of the least subtle yet most potent forms of social influence is the direct requestIf the request is small and made politely we tend to comply automatically tendency increases when our attention is otherwise occupiedPeople often find it hard to look a requester in the eye and say noLowBall TechniqueCustomers first agrees to buy a product at a low price and then after a delay the salesperson discovers that the low price isnt possible and the price must be higher
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