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Jennifer Passey

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Feb 27Psychological Disorders ContinuedEpisodic DisordersDisorders that are reversibleEpisodes may be brought on by stressful environment experiences but the predisposition resides in the brainMost are somewhat heritable the more closely related 2 people are genetically the more likely it is that they share the same mental disorder or disordersEnvironment and learning can also contribute to predispositionMultiple CausesMost mental disorders derive from more than one causePredisposing cause those that were in place well before the onset of the disorder and make the person susceptible to the disorderEx Genetically inherited characteristics damaging environmental effects prolonged psychologically distressing situationsPrecipitating causes immediate events in a persons life that bring on the disorderAny loss real or perceived threat to ones well being new responsibilities or and large change in the daytoday course of lifePerpetuating causes those consequences of a disorder that help keep it going once it beginsMay be in the form of rewards but more often are negative consequences of the disorder that help to perpetuate itMay be social behavioural or related to expectations regarding the disorderMajor Sex DifferencesLarge differences for specific disorders
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