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Jennifer Passey

Feb 29Psychological Disorders ContinuedPTSDOnly anxiety disorder that is necessarily brought on by such experiencesSymptoms must be linked to one or more emotionally traumatic incidentsCharacteristic features include frightening uncontrollable reexperiences of the traumatic events in nightmare and in daytime thoughts or flashbacksPrevalence depends on population studiedPeople who are exposed repeatedly or over long periods of time to distressing condition are more likely to develop symptoms than are those exposed to a single short term highly traumatic incidentNot everyone exposed to extraordinary stress develops posttraumatic stress symptomsMood DisordersDepressive disorders characterized by prolonged or extreme depressionBipolar Disorders characterized usually by alternating episodes of mania and depression mania extreme elationDepressionProlonged sadness selfblame a sense of worthlessness and absence of pleasureOther symptoms involve sleep appetite and motor symptomsDiagnosis symptoms must be either very severe or very prolonged and not attributable just to a specific life experience Depressive DisordersMajor depression characterized by very severe symptoms that last essentially without remission for at least 2 weeks 15 of population
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