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Jennifer Passey

Treatment Of Psychological Disorders continued march 5ECTUsed primarily in cases of severe depression that dont respond to other treatmentsIs administered in a way that is painless and quite safeUsually given in a seriesNo evidence that brain damage occurs with the shock levels used in treatment temporary disruptions in cognition occurBilaterally applied current running across both of the brains hemispheres patient typically loses memory for events that occurred a day or 2 before the treatmentApplied unilaterally just to the right half of the brain nearly as effective and causes little loss of conscious verbal memoriesPsychosurgerySurgical cutting or production of lesions in portions of the brainPrefrontal lobotomy anterior portions of the frontal lobes were surgically separated from the rest of the brainRelieved people of their incapacitating emotions but left them incapacitatedNew procedures involve destruction of very small areas of the brain used for highly incapacitating OCDDeep Brain StimulationA hair thin wire electrode is implanted permanently into the brainElectrode can be activated in order to electrically stimulate rather than destroy the neurons lying near itStimulation through the electrode is believed to desynchronize and disrupt ongoing neural activity
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