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Jennifer Passey

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Feb 1IntelligenceHeritabilityDegree to which variation in a particular trait within a particular population of individuals stem from genetic differences among those individuals as opposed to environmental differencesHeritability coefficient proportion of variance of a trait that derives from genetic variation varies from 01Environmentality proportion of variance that results from environmental variation 1 minus the heritability coefficientEstimatingHeritabilityTo the degree that a trait is heritable people who are closely related to each other genetically should be more similar in the trait than are people who are less closely related geneticallyTwin ComparisonsIdentical twins are more genetically related 100 than fraternal twins 50Either raised in the same home or adopted at an early age into different homesCyril BurtAllegedly faked his dataSome of his supporters say he was just careless not deliberately faking dataEstimating Heritability Method1Subtract the correlation for fraternal twins from that for identical twins and multiply the difference by 2Difference stems from the difference in heritability
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