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Jennifer Passey

Jan 13Methods Continued Descriptive StudiesDescribe behaviour without systemically investigating relationships between specific variablesMay involve numbers ex prevalence of psychological disorders in a communityMay not involve numbers ex sequence of courtship behaviours in mallard ducksEx Of extensive descriptive study Jane Goodalls research on wild chimpanzees in AfricaResearch Settings Laboratory study study in which the subjects are brought to a designated area set up to facilitate researchers control over conditions Field study study conducted in a setting other than a lab Ex Peoples homes workplaces mallsAdvantage of laboratory over field allows the researcher to collect data under more uniform controlled conditionsDisadvantage of the laboratory over the field strangeness or artificiality of the laboratory may induce behaviours that obscure those that the researcher wants studyGreater confidence when findings emerge in both settingsExperiments not necessarily conducted in the lab correlational and descriptive studies not necessarily carried out in the fieldData Collection MethodsSelfreport Methods Procedures in which people are asked to rate or describe their own behaviour or mental state in some way ex QuestionnaireinterviewObservational methods procedures by which researchers observe and record the behaviour of interest rather than rely on subjects selfreports naturalistic observation testsSelf Report Method Advantage provide info that we couldnt obtain by watching subject directly Disadvantage limited by subjects ability and willingness to report their own behaviours or moods
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