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Jennifer Passey

Jan 18Language and ThoughtHuman LanguageExtremely complex taskRequires innate mechanisms and an environment that provides adequate models and opportunityApprox 3000 languagesMorphemesThe smallest meaningful units of a languageThey take the form of pronounceable soundsMorphemes are words prefixes or suffixes used in consistent ways to modify wordsEx Dog is a word and a morpheme s is a morpheme but not a word and dogs is a word consisting of 2 morphemes dog andsAntidisestablishmentarianism6 morphemesClasses of MorphemesContent morphemes carry the main meaning of a sentenceGrammatical morphemes fill out the grammatical structure of the sentence and contribute to meaningProperties of MorphemesArbitrary no similarity need exist between its physical structure and that of the object or concept for which it standsDiscrete cannot be changed in a graded way to express gradations in meaningNonverbal SignalsNeither arbitrary nor discrete nonverbal signals typically develop from and bear physical resemblance to actions can be presented in agraded mannerIn speech we commonly mix nonverbal with verbal communication to get a point across
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