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Jennifer Passey

Jan 20Language And Thought ContinuedChomsky Language Acquisition DeviceGrammatical rules are aspects of the human mind that link spoken sentences ultimately to the minds system for representing meaningsUniversal grammar Innate properties of the human mindLAD entire set of innate mental mechanisms that enable a child to acquire language quickly and efficiently includes basis for cognitive biasesCritical PeriodLAD functions more effectively during the first 10 years of childhoodGenie most thoroughly studied languagedeprived hearing personLearning within the critical period is much less crucial for secondlanguage learning than for firstlanguage learningLanguage Acquisition Support System LASSAdults simplify their speech in ways that might help the children learn words and some aspects of grammarAdults treat infants early vocalizations as if they were verbal statementsRate of language acquisition correlates positively with extent of mothers verbal responsiveness degree to which the mother uses motherese total amount of time that the mother speaks to her childLanguage Learning in NonHuman PrimateChimpanzees and bonobos are highly gregarious and have complex systems of nonverbal communicationGardner and Gardner studied chimp named Washoe and tried to teach it EnglishThey used a modified version of American sign language rather than a vocal languageWashoes success in acquiring some of the elements of language inspired many subsequent apelanguage projects
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