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Jennifer Passey

Jan 30Intelligence Continued Intelligence Tests And AchievementIQ scores should correlate with other indices of a persons intellectual ability predicts success in school and careers IQ scores do correlate moderately well with o Grades in school r from 030 070 o Employment in intellectually demanding occupations o But r between IQ and employment could be due to r between IQ and school performanceOn The Job Performance And LongevityBetter index R of IQ with onthejob performance o Moderate positive correlations o Best predictors for performance on jobs involving high mental complexity IQ scores predict longevity o IQ at age 11 significantly higher likelihood of being alive at age 76 o Better selfcareCharles SpearmanFound that people who scored high on one test also scored high on all other testsSome common factor is measured by every mental testGeneral intelligence g the underlying ability that contributes to a persons performance on all mental tests best measures of g come from averaging the scores on many diverse mental testsFluid And Crystallized IntelligenceRaymond CattellAgreed with spearman that scores on mental tests reflect general intelligenceBut g is made up of 2 factorsFluid intelligence gf raw reasoning ability peaks around 2025 then gradually declinesCrystallized intelligence gc depends mostly on previously learned info increases until 50 or even later
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