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Angela Brkich

JOSEPH SMITH: mythic and historical bio and the origins of the Book of Mormon the original followers of JS's time Friends described him as being over six feet tall, well built strong active, light complexion, light hair, blue eyes, very little beard. he didn't appear exactly as I expected to see a prophet of god. however... i found him to be a friendly, cheerful, pleasant. I could not help but liking him." naysayers of JS's time: "They (the smith family) were lazy and worthless men, very much addicted to lying. JS to my knowledge, bore the reputation among his neighbours of being a liar." - born of a poor family - educated at home from the bible. - after his revolution began, most of his fellow townspeople did not like him - his neighbors either thought him a prophet or an absolute liar. - wiki "british israelism" - according to the official story: smith was confused about religion during the time of the 2nd great awakening and the westward expansion. went to the woods to pray and ran into Jesus and God. they told him the story found in the Book of Mormon, revealed on a different day by an angel Maroni, the last person who was destroyed by the red man, who had hid the story of those people in the ground before being murdered. - most people active suppressed the mormon community and was forced to move a lot for a number of years - their religious and civil freedoms as americans were being denied them so they church announced he would run for president but he and his brother were shot in 1884 by a mob of about 200, then put him in jail but the mob broke in and then lynched him. - at his funeral, 10000 peoiple showed up. after this, Brigham Young took over and they set up in Utah. They made this their own country. They were at a very soft war with USA and pulled back into the union. country name: DESSERET - KING JAMES BIBLE IS CANON BUT IT IS IMPERFECT - BOOK OF MORMON: THE RECORD OF THE 10 LOST TRIBES COMING TO AMERICA - NEPHITES AND LAMAMITES - PRESERVED ON GOLD PLATES BY ANGEL MORONI - brigham young became govenor of Utah - mormon's heavily rely on texts. rely on King James Bible only. but this bible is still imperfect. - after Jesus died, the church fell away and didn't do Christianity right until Joseph Smith showed up and re- established the proper way that things should be. - Book of Mormon is a narrative written in a fake language called "REFORMED EGYPTION" - narrative begins in Palestine around 6th century BCE after the ten tribes of israel were scattered by ASYRIA. - they got to a boat, made their was to NA. look at the pyramids, mormon's say, the incas and mayans have them jsut like the egyptions. - jesus showed up in the new world after he died and resurrected. they accepted christianity (or mormon). Jesus hung around, preached to them, then went back to heaven. - but the Nephites (the ten tribes) were destroyed by the Lamamites (the people who became the First Nations). - GOD CURSED THE LAMAMITES AND THAT'S WHY THEIR SKIN IS RED. TEXTS read alongside Book of Mormon: DOCTRINES AND COVENANTS (continuing revelations), given to the community as it progressed (mostly to joseph smith and brigam young) PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, another text, a collection containing docrines about origin of humanity, Adam and Eve, abraham and moses. This text is actually an EGYPTIAN FUNERARY TEXT. THEY'RE TEXTS ARE IN "REFORM" EGYPTIAN MORE "COMIC" STORIES ABOUT HUMANITY AND CREATION. GARDEN OF EDEN IS IN MISSOURI GODHEAD - this is different than christian conception of it. HOLY "SPIRIT" OR GHOST, this is only spirit matter. JESUS & GOD THOUGH, HAVE PHYSICAL BODIES. God the Father's name is ELOHIM, "MAN IS WHAT GOD ONCE WAS, GOD IS WHAT MAN MAY BECOME." (SEE ALSO ROMANS 8:17) they percieve of God as having a beginning (unlike regualr christianity) Idea is, if God created man in his likeness, at once point, he was a human a
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