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Angela Brkich

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 101B Lecture Notes March 21 inner dao, and doa as used for benevolent govt. empty the heart mind of distractions recurring themes in the textbook^ other ones WUWEI - effortless, no action first Dao temple built in 5th C once buddhism arrived, Dao became very organized in response, copying monastaries and temples. WHAT CONNECTION CAN BE FOUND BETWEEN PHILOSOPHICAL AND RELIGIOUS DAOISM? the two developed together a lot of the main teachings you can find in both some individuals would focus more on one side than the other, but everyone thought of themselves as both. there are bridges between the two they use the same texts MOHISM & POPULAR RELIGION - coexisted with confucianism and daoism - active in ancient times but disappeared during han dynasty - MODI, MASTER MO founder, MOZI - taught a type of love that had no distinction - best known for idea of "IMPARTIAL CARE" - he believed humans had the potential to have compassion, his issue was how it was divied up. - he wanted to reevaluate behaviour - heaven would punish people who doesn't care equally for all other individuals, no matter what their relation - the book, MOZI, has it all - confucians didn't like it, they thought love should be overflowing but NOT undiscerning, there is a hierarchy of how love is divied up, with family coming first. POPULAR RELIGION - TB shows pop religion as syncretic - non institutional - draws from all over, even christianity recently - spirits can interfere in the world after death - these beliefs have led to millinarian movements like ● WHITE LOTUS SOCIETY, and ● HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF GREAT PRICE which led to the TAIPENG REBELLION - FOCUSED ON HERE AND NOW - ALL ABOUT GHOSTS AND DEITIES - FLUID - FOLLOWED ORAL TRADS - SYNCRETISTIC - TEND TO HAVE MORE DRAMATIC RITUALS (EXORCISM, FUNERAL RITUALS WHERE THEY ATTACK HELL) - DOWN TO BORROW compare with Elite traditions: - "orthodox" - have canonical scriptures - traced to individuals who supposedly started them - fixed beliefs - didn't mix beliefs as much, distinct from one another TEXTBOOK tries to make a very clear divide between the two. pop relig continued - they all believed that aafter death, human spirits and souls would continue to intervene in the world - disciplined transcendance of the self - desires had to be harnessed and redirected towards family, community, state KOREAN RELIGIONS majority of intro texts don't cover korean relig we don't have any info on North Korean religion only half the South Korean pop claim to have any affiliation with any religion of the other half, the majority is split between christianity and buddhism 1.5% was chinese traditions so: CONUNDRUM! why weren't Shamanism and Confucianism in the census? scholars suggest they don't see this as religion b
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