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Angela Brkich

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 101B Lecture Notes April 4 RELIGION & POLITICS - religion is often thought of as a social dinosaur - often the media makes it look like Islam is the only group experiencing religious revival. but many groups have. - meiji nationalism of shinto - confucianism regularly made state religion - communism banned religion - sepoy mutiny - Sri Lanka - tamil uprising. theravada majority elected monks to govt in response to keep tamil's down. - operation blue star, 1984. sikh uprising. assasination of pm. FUNDAMENTALISM - modern phenomenon - reaction against secularism and modernity and its values - reaction against locating ultimate authority in human institutions rather than divine scriptures or religious leaders - term came from the USA during early 19C, production of booklets in 1910 called The Fundamentals. affirmed the inerrancy and infallibility of the bible. - scripture over science - fundamentalism is not just orthodoxy, it is orthopraxy - practiced. - often militant - fight back against people who do not conform: homosexuals, abortion doctors, sub/altercultures, atheists, other religions. - eschatological - the use of the term or category started in the USA but since the 70s, the category has extended beyond the american christian realm. ie hindu nationalism, radical islam, etc BIOETHICS - scientific progress, bio research, medical technologies etc gives people more ability to make life or death decisions. meddles with beliefs that consider human life sacred. - ie in islam, god and the family decide. they don't consider abstract issues, they go case by case basis. more recently this attitude has not been seen as adequate, especially with euthenasia and who makes the final decision. - eastern traditions differ a lot from this western view of sacred human life. textbook suggests that we haven't seen the religious fall out in eastern trads cause the technology hasnt become widely available until very recently. but if we consider abortion, it is a big contention in india, japan, and korea. for buddhists, abortion is very violent. it is not ahimsa. - in east, gender is a huge problem because of the dowry (even though it is condemned by leaders and illegal). - upon marriage, the family loses a daughter and tons of money. - øØøˆ¨¥†®´∑œåß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬……æ…¬˚¬…æ÷≥≤≤µ˜˜∫˜˜˜˜∫∫√ç≈Ω THE ENVIRONMENT - traditionally, genesis was inter
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