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Angela Brkich

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 101B Lecture Notes March 7 CHINESE TRADITIONS CONTINUED - popular religions are syncretic. not just folk and popular traditions though, as some scholars claim, it is also elite trads - there are elite traditions, daoism, confucision, and buddhism, that are syncretic too, sharing a lot of ideas. - many lay people seek help from specialists who belong to different groups. - chinese traditions are known for their commitment to RIGHT ACTIONS over and above right beliefs RIGHT ACTIONS are expressed through the maintenance of HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS. all three elite trads talk about people having different personalities, allowing for a great deal of fluidity BACKGROUND CHINESE HISTORY - chinese was first modern state with centralized govt - first ones to write history - dynasties ruled by emperors hereditary. - shang zhou warring states period qin han three kingdoms period sui tang song yuan (mongols) ming manchu/qing - mandate of heavan, zhou invented to get rid of shang. - described mandate from before the shang (who didn't have a concept of heaven) - mandate goes to the ruler who behaves in an upright way, according to confucious. - qin (chin) is where the name china came from - confucious philosophy became the phil for everything. it is about knowing your place in hierarchy. - five key relationships, most important is between father and son: filial piety. - the goal is to be a superior man. if all strive for this, the society will run smoothly first dynasty is a fiction confucious made up. YU the ENGINEER. the SAGE EMPERORS. ren is propriety lee is ritual (mostly veneration of ancestors) trad chinese historians wrote history with rulers being good confucians. you had to be a good confucian to be a good ruler for that reason. +>------======---------======------======------======------
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