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University of Alberta
Angela Brkich

RELIGIOUS STUDIES: EASTERN TRADITIONS PAPER TOPIC: CONFLICT DUALISM EMERGES AS A RESULT OF POWER INEQUALITY IN SOCIETY Will the exam be cumulative? just eastern trads Will the paper be in MLA? mla How long is the term paper? 8-10 pages Who will mark the papers? a mix HINDUISM SEE HANDOUT ALONG WIH THESE NOTES. one of the most important things to recognize about Hinduisim is: THERE ARE MANY HINDUISMS, MANY TRADITIONS P.30 OF TB: WHILE SOME TEXTS AND SOME DEITIES ARE WIDELY ACCEPTED, THERE IS NO SINGLE TEXT OR DEITY THAT ALL HINDUS RECOGNIZE. Many trads with their own canon and concepts of their deities. No guaranteed consistencies, no linear developments, and no uniform way that hindus related to one another. No united community, no central authority. HINDU DIFFERS FROM WESTERN TRADS: NO HISTORICAL OR MYTHICAL FOUNDER NO CENTRAL RELIGOUS AUTHORITIES MULTIPLE DEITIES NO OVERARCHING DOCTRINE HINDUISM as a term: it is not ancient, it was imposed upon them from outside on the Indus Valley people, from the word Sindu- ocean, referring to the Indus River. origianlly the term was just there to seperate muslims from non-muslims. Brittish continued using it to represent everyone not muslim, christian, or jainist. Today it is used very broadly still. It is such a catch all term that you can't really define hinduism because all hinduisms don't share any one thing entirely in common. Some groups treasure scriptures like the Vedas and some groups don't value the scriptures at all. Most hindus will talk about their caste, not their religion. The western category "religion" itself could not be found in any of the Hindu literature. the closest thing would be DHARMA. but that is interepreted and defined differently by various "hindu" groups. There are approximately 900 million Hindus in the world. Nepal has 85-90% hindus and India has roughly 80% hindus - there is a great deal of debate about the "origins" of Hinduism. It origina
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