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Deanna Singhal

Psychology 275: Brain and Behaviour Class Notes for Deanna Singhal’s 10 am Class February 26, 2014 Light must pass through the cornea, the pupil, the lens (which inverts the image) and through the vitreous humor to get to the back of the eye and land on the retina. The lens will go through a process called accommodation in which it will change its shape in order to focus on objects at different distances. The Fovea, the tiny spot on the retina which has the most photoreceptors and the best ability to recognize detail, takes up about 25% of the visual cortex Completion is a perceptual process that occurs in the brain. This process takes the information from around the blind spot as well as previous information in order to fill in the blanks and fill in the blind spot so you never see a black spot in your visual field. Normal sight – Myopia (nearsightedness) the image falls short of the retina – Hyperopia (farsightedness) the image exceeds the distance of the retina Making 3D sense from 2D retinal image -convergence -your eyes move apart or together depending on how far away something is from you -binocular disparity -when objects are farther apart, you get less disparity then you do when objects are closer -cocktail sausage? -Monocular cues -interposition Depth perception begins in complex cells, as it is a perceptional thing only The Retina: Translation of Light
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