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Class 2, Wednesday January 8, 2014 Biopsychology as a neuroscience If we talk about the case I class, you are responsible to know that case for any tests. If the case takes up a page or more, good chance it could be tested. Jimmie G. was frozen in time and any question you asked him concerning his memories were from that time. His sensory and motor abilities were both I tact as well as his cognitive abilities. Assessment, as much as finding out what he had, they had to rule out other things. Jimmie G. had anterograde amnesia – meaning he had an issue forming new memories. Therefore he could remember things that had happened to him before whatever trauma, however, he was unable to form any new memories post-trauma. Four major themes in Pinel -thinking creatively about biopsychology -evidence presented -also “think outside the box” ie. Think about research options when presented with a patient. -clinical implications -study of diseased or damaged brains leads to new knowledge. However we need to keep in mind that we afe not only studying these patients for understanding, but also with the hope we can help this patient somehow recover. The evolutionary perspective -consideration of environmental pressures on human evolution. Not so much nature vs. nurture but more nature combined with nurture. -use of comparative approach. Comparing humans with other animals to support ideas. -neuroplasticity -brain is plastic, not static. Not only when it is defected in some way but also when we are learning new things. It is estimated that your brain doesn’t fully develop until your early 30’s particularly in the myelination in the front of the frontal lobe. Biopsychology- the scientific study of the biology of behavior. -any time you learn something new, he proposed that you were actually creating a physical change in the
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