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University of Alberta
Deanna Singhal

Class 3 January 10, 2014 Converging operations -using multiple approaches to address a single question -ex. Korsakoff’s syndrome -characterized by severe memory loss -most commonly seen in alcoholics -Is Korsakoff’s the result of toxic effects of alcohol on the brain? It was found that Jimmie G. was a chronic alcoholic. Once you realize that a chronic alcoholic has developed Korsakoff’s syndrome, the very first thing you should advise is that the patient stop drinking. Depending on the severity of the syndrome or the amnesia, if alcohol consumption stops, it is possible for the amnesia to get slightly better. Back to Jimmie G. (Korsakoff’s) -also seen in malnourished persons who had little or no alcohol. -thiamine deficient rats exhibit memory deficits -alcohol accelerates development of brain damage in thiamine-deficient rats -Conclusions -Korsakoff’s is the result of thiamine deficiency, but damage is accelerated by alcohol. Scientific inference -measure what can be observed -make inferences about the unobservable Efferent copies of movements can allow the brain to say whether it is movement within the body or of a body part that causes something to move or whether it is the object itself that it moving. Chapter 2 From dichotomies to interactions -is it nature or is it nurture? -is it ingrained in genetics or is it learned? Generally accepted that it is a combination of both. -inherited or learned? Ethology? Behaviorism? Heritability estimates? -heritability estimates try to estimate how much of the phenomenon can be attributed to genetics. -Problems? -is it physiological or psychological -Cartesian dualism (Descartes) the brain and the body are totally separate. The man who fell out of bed. Could not identify his own left leg. He believed his left leg was in fact someone else’s leg and that his was missing. Suffered from Asomatognosia, usually occurs that the patient cannot identify the left side of their body based on right side brain damage. Physiological/Psychological Nature/Nurture? -Generally accepted it is nature AND nurture -how much of each? -
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