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Deanna Singhal

Chapter 3: Anatomy of the Nervous System Nervous system: a communication network consisting of nerve cells, both inside and outside of the brain and spinal cord Central nervous system consists of brain and spinal cord. Peripheral nervous system broken into two -the somatic nervous system has both afferent nerves that takes information away from the CNS to the peripheral and Efferent nerves that take information from the peripheral to the CNS for processing -Autonomic nervous system also has afferent nerves that serve the same purpose and efferent nerves broken into sympathetic and parasympathetic Based on a subjective experience you can trigger responses in the PNS Sympathetic nervous system is the fight or flight response system -increase in heart rate and blood flow as well as respiration to increase oxygen uptake -signals leave the spinal cord from predominantly the thoracic and lumbar regions -second stage neurons far from target organ – giving up specificity for speed Parasympathetic is the rest and restore response system -decrease heart and respiration rates -point of exit in the spinal cord are the cranial and sacral regions -second stage neurons are closer to target organ If the second stage neurons are closer to the target organ, it allows for greater control over the organ and what happens to it. Cranial Nerves -some purely sensory -optic, olfactory, auditory – vestibular -taking the information from the se
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