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Deanna Singhal

January 31, 2014 Synaptic Transmission: Structure of Synapses -Axodendritic most common – where a terminal button “links” up with a dendritic spine -also -axosomatic – terminal button links up to the soma or cell body of the neuron -axoaxonic – terminal button links up to another terminal button that is already linked to a cell body (this is more rare and works secondary to the axosomatic synapse it is connected to) -Directed synapse - the neurotransmitters go through the synapse from point A to point B from pre-post synaptic neurons -nondirected synapse – the presynaptic neuron releases neurotransmitters, however the postsynaptic neuron may not be all that close, therefore the presynaptic neuron simply releases the neurotransmitters which then freeflow through the CSF and could possibly influence more than one postsynaptic neuron -varicosities -communication between two neurons does not require a physical connection between the two neurons, because communication can happen via the neurotransmitters. Dendritic spine is a region on the dendrite with the receptors for neurotransmitters Although neurons are only able to produce one type of small neurotransmitter, which they are very specific to, the Golgi apparatus is capable of producing another type of neurotransmitter called a large neurotransmitter. Therefore at the terminal buttons of a single neuron you will be able to find two types
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