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Deanna Singhal

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February 14, 2014 Language -can be assessed from WAIS verbal scores -Token Test -simple to more difficult instructions -can lead you to comprehension issues as well as some motor issues -Language Lateralization -Sodium amytal (Wada Technique) -you can anesthetize one hemisphere at a time and inject sodium amytal. When it is injected into the left hemisphere, the right side of their body will become “paralyzed” and they will lose the ability to communicate. -Dichotic listening -ear contralateral to dominant hemisphere shows superior hearing ability -shows that both ears receive information from both ears. -ipsilateral suppression – just means that the information from one ear will go to the opposite hemisphere first and then to the hemisphere from the ear it was heard from. Tests of Specific Neuropsychological Function -Memory -exploring nature of deficits -Short term memory, long term memory or both? -Anterograde or retrograde? -Semantic or episodic?
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