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Elena Nicoladis

Jan. 9/13 Psyc 323 Theory Outline 1. Functions: - 3 (maybe 4) possible functions of theory 2. Testing: - Assumptions - What do we know? - Hypothesis/Research Questions 3. Developmental Theory - Origins of knowledge o What’s innate? What’s learned? How does change take place? - Theories o Assumptions: children are active! Functions of Theory 3 (maybe 4) functions: Describe: what’s seen in specified phenomenon Explain: the phenomenon (That “Aha! I understand!” moment) o Why are we seeing what we’re seeing? Predict: what’s going to happen next to try to get a more detailed understanding o Psychologists tend to hang around the prediction function *Control?*: suggested theories might be used to control behaviors -> contributed to the thought that lead to the eugenics movement in the 70’s o Help? – moving away from trying to control behavior and more toward application and helping to change things o There’s a fine line between control and help Testing Assumptions: - By definition left unstated because they’re assumed - Replication of events = assumed (ex. Drop a pen, assume you can drop it again and it’ll fall again) Jan. 9/13 Psyc 323 - Assumptions depend on time and place o Ex. It was once assumed that infants’ first words were always nouns; a 1996 study of Chinese children showed their first words were verbs. What do we know already? - There are holes in everything we “know” (ex. Two identical studies producing different results) - Studies are published so we can read them to see what we already know, and analyze for holes and weakness Hypothesis/ Research Questions - Collect empirical data to address question; o Empirical data
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