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PSYCO104 Lecture Notes - Lie, Display Rules, Tenser

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Blaine Mullins

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Why do people lie?
-Avoid punishment/conceal a reward
-Protect someone from hard
-Win admiration from others ie boasting
-sheer thrill of lying (Around age 4, children began to push the boundaries of telling a lie and see if
they get away with it.)
-White lie to be polite to other people.(does this dress make me look fat? No, always no)
Cues that allow you to tell when someone is lieing.
-Liars provide fewer details ( we don't monitor nonverbal but we monitor verbal responses, say less to
not be given away)
-Liars less likely to admit they forgot.
Display rules
-cultural norms we have for displaying emotions.
-intensification /exaggeration: (friend got the job you wanted you exaggerate your happiness for them.
-Deintesification:Or the opposite, you mute your expression, ie you win the job but don't look to happy
to avoid making friend sad.
-Masking: expressing a different emotion than what you really feel.
-Neutralizing: expressing no emotion, IE holding back laughing at an inopportune moment like church
Cues in the face:
-Morphology- some muscles not consciously controllable
-Symmetry- sincere expressions more symmetrical, and vis versa
-Duration- sincere expressions last longer,insincere harder to keep up for long
-Temperal patterning: sincere appear smoothly slowly and end the same way, insincere more abrupt.
Other kinds of cues
-Liars speak more slowly, take longer to respond to questions, are tenser less engaging,less pleasant.
-doesn’t measure lying but the physiological response of the person,assumes that person will have
physiological response to lying. NOT RELIABLE IN THE COURT OF LAW (too subjective in both
taking precise way to read responses either/no consensus on how to measure results)
-measures changes in heart rate, breathing,ect
-requires independent measure of emotion- variability between how people express emotions/lying
-people often experience mixed emotion- may not be lying,just nervous/angry ect.
-environmental conditions affect ANS- if its hot/hungry ect will make your HR go up/ breath faster
even though your not lying