PSYCO104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Cogito Ergo Sum, Hypnosis, Syphilis

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October 15 2014
TL - 11
Issues with Informed Consent
Even when participants are presented with all of the relavent
their decision to participate may not always be fully informed
Particularly in clinical settings - say, research on a new drug -
people -> desperate measures. (Random assignment, could be in control
group) People believe 'that some one is looking out for them..' (family
doc, etc)
Thus, bad practice for family doctors to refer people to such a study.
if it is an 'unknown' such as a nurse..
Core Principal: Justice
The consideration of justice includes numerous concepts
Participants should not be excluded from any benifits of research
Risk of research should be shared fairly among individuals who
stand to
gain from the research
Participants should be fairly selected
Unnecessarily biased participants samples lead to issues of justice in
e.g. Long term study of syphilis (at the time, no effective
Small town, isolated city, 'keep it contained'
Doctors deliberatly infected some of the people with
A subset of the population was taking on greater risk than
population at large.
15 years in, when treatment was available, they continued
research for another 25 years.. awkward...
Animal Research
Research is sometimes performed on animals, rather than humans.
animals are involved in research, three guiding considerations
tend to
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