PSYCO104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Justin Bieber, Classical Conditioning

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4 Dec 2014

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November 19 2014
TL - 11
UCS: Unconditioned Stimulus
UCR: Unconditioned Response
CS: Conditioned Stimulus
CR: Conditioned Response
Using classical conditioning, how could one condition a little brother to:
Be sick whenever he has chocolate: laxitives
Flinch when he sees Justin Beiber: punches
Make breakfast on weekends: Not with classical conditioning.
Acquisition: Conditioning often takes time and lots of repretition.
Curve tends towards a sqrt function
Extinction: Conditioned responses will dissapear without continued UCS
Curve tends towards e^1/x
Spontaneous Recovery: After a duration, CR can rebound.
Conditioned responses generalize: similar featured stimulus will invoke
similar conditioned responses.
Baby Albert: Condition a response of fear to loud noises
UCS: Loud Noise
UCR: Fear
CS: White rats (white, fuzzy small)
CR: Fear
Second order conditioning
Once a string CS/CR link has been established, CSs can be treated as
to create new CSs
UCS: Kissing CS1: Person
UCR: Arousal CR1: "Love"
CS: Person CS2: Smell
CR: "Love" CR2: Arousal
Habutation: If a UCS leads to a UCR, but that UCR has no meaningful impact,
that UCR will become less intense over time
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