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PSYCO105 Lecture Notes - Empiricism, Dogma

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Davina Rousell

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Psychology 105
Lecture 1: Empiricism
Pages 39-48 in textbook
Empiricism: The science of observation
Measurement: Operational definition and detection
oValidity: Construct and Predictive
Samples & Population
oLaw of Large Numbers
Results in descriptive statistics
Dogmatism: the tendency of people to cling to their assumptions
An assumption about something or someone rather than making an
observation with evidence and facts. (Ex: stop and frisk at the
airports, East Indian or African people and their negative
Empiricism: when an individual attempts to acquire knowledge by observing
objects or events. Empiricism = Method
Psychologists: ask how millions of neurons constitute the brain and give rise to
thought, feelings, and actions.
Why is it difficult to study people?
oNo one individual whose brain works exactly the same as another
oWe’re all unique
oEmpiricism really focuses on dealing with this
oEx: Front stage and back stage. In public we act a certain way (front
stage), when we are at home we act a little more carefree (backstage). If
you’re in a study you will probably do what you think the researcher
wants you to. React
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