The Circulatory System

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Rehabilitation Medicine
Gail Amort- Larson

Z`^Ua S`[^ _`W WVS_`Za O _\SUWX[aZVTW`cWWZ`W`c[ aZY_\ Wa^S USb`W_ O [_`W^[^ _`WbW^`WT^S U[ aZ_a\W^[^ _`WT[^VW^[X`WX^_`^T SZ`W^[^ _`W_`W^ZaSZaT^a`[\[V\^[UW__ZXW^[^ _`W VS\^SYWVS\^SYVbVW_`W`[^SX^[`WSTV[WZ O ^ScZYSZSYZS^ ZWX^[`W_`W^ZS SZY W`[`W Z`W^bW^`WT^S V_U VbVW_`WWVS_`ZaZ`[U[\S^`WZ`_ O T[bW`W ZW_`W_a\W^[^U[\S^`WZ`ZcU [ac XZVbW__W __aUS_ `W_a\W^[^bWZSUSbS"SZV`WY^WS`bW__W _[X`WWS^`"cU_`WS[^`US^U #[ac S _[XZV`W` a_Y SZV__X[aZVZU V^WZ_`WU VVWbW [\_ `_aZW_ _`W"`WY SZVc TWU[W_S W^Z_$W%ZSVa `_`_Z[Z&W_`WZ` `_XS`` `__aW O WSZ`W^[^U[\S^`WZ`_bW^ _S SZV_WVS`W TWZV`W_`W^Za%Z `_U[\S^`WZ`S^WS^`W^W_SZVbWZ__a\\ ZY`WS^WS O [_`W^[^ [aSbW_`^aU`a^W_\S__ZY`^[aY`WS^WS'`WW_[\SYa_cUY[W_ V[cZZ`[`WSTV[WZ"SZV`WVW_UWZVZYS[^`SW^W_S _[S_S \S^`[X`W ZXW^[^bWZSUSbS O %Z`WVV WU[\S^`WZ` [aSbW`WWS^`SZVWT^SZW__a^^[aZVZY`W WS^`_aUS_`W\W^US^Va O W`[\\S^`[X`WWS^`_`_S``W WbW [X`W Z`W^U[_`S _\SUWWS\W_`_S` ` `W WbW [X`W Z`W^U[_`S _\SUWWZ\\ W_S` O W_`W^ZS SZY W_S``W Z`W^U[_`S _\SUWSZV`W\[V\^[UW___S``W ` Z`W^U[_`S _\SUW O WWS^`_ [US`WVTW`cWWZ`W`c[ aZY_c`Z`W\W^US^Va%`S``SUW_`[`W VS\^SYZ`WS^WS*Z[cZS_`WUWZ`^S `WZV[Z W^US^Va O W\W^US^Va_V[aT WcS WV_SU`S`_SVWa\[X`WXT^[a_\W^US^VaSZV `W_W^[a_\W^US^Va%`[a_W_`WWS^`SZV`W^[[`_[X`WY^WS`bW__W _ O [Z__`_[X`c[ S W^_ T^[a_[a`W^U[bW^ZY*Z[cZS_`WXT^[a_\W^US^VaSZV SU [_WV_SUZ_VW`WXT^[a_\W^US^Va`S`_a^^[aZV_`WWS^`*Z[cZS_`W _W^[a_\W^US^Va O S,[^[^YSZ_Y^[cZ`[SV[aT WcS WV_SU O WWT^SZW`S`_`_a\SYSZ_``WWS^`_`Wb_UW^S \W^US^VaSZV`W[ZW Xa^`W_`ScS _`W\S^W`S \W^US^VaW^W_S_\SUWTW`cWWZ`WWT^SZW_ US WV`W\W^US^VS USb` O WXT^[a_\W^US^Va_`W[a`W^XT^[a_U[bW^ZY[X`W\W^US^Va%`S``SUW_ `[`WUWZ`^S `WZV[Z[X`WVS\^SY"`W_`W^ZaSZ`W^[^ "SZV`W\[_`W^[^ WVS_`ZS U[Z`WZ`_ O W^[a_\W^US^Va_SV[aT WcS WV_SU%`_U[\[_WV[X`W\S^W`S SZV b_UW^S \W^US^VaWb_UW^S \W^US^VaS``SUW_V^WU` `[`W[a`W^_a^XSUW [X`WWS^`W\S^W`S \W^US^Va_`W[a`W^WT^SZW[X`W_W^[a_ \W^US^Va`S`_X[aZV,a_`Z_VW[^ ZZY`WXT^[a_\W^US^Va O W\S^W`S SZVb_UW^S \W^US^VaX[^[ZWU[Z`Za[a__SUc`S\W^US^VS USb` ZTW`cWWZ`S`U[Z`SZ_X aV`S`S [c_`WWS^``[[bWc`[a`STa V a\[XX^U`[Z [^VW^_[X`W-WS^` O Z`W^[^ "`WX^_``ZY [a_WW_`W^Y`bWZ`^U W%`S*W_a\`WbS_`S,[^` [X`WSZ`W^[^_a^XSUW[X`WWS^` O bW^ _S \S^`[X`W WX`bWZ`^U WS\W_S _[_WWZSZ`W^[^ WS\W_`W [_`ZXW^[^\[Z`[X`WWS^` O W\a [ZS^ `^aZ*_`S`^WY[Z[Z`WSZ`W^[^S_\WU`[X`WWS^``S`_ [US`WV TW`cWWZ`W^Y`bWZ`^U WSZV^Y`SZV WX`\a [ZS^ S^`W^W_ O _S \S^`[X`W^Y`Sa^U WSZV^Y`S`^aUSZS _[TW_WWZSZ`W^[^ O W WX`Sa^U W_`W[Z \[^`[Z[X`W WX`S`^a`S`USZTW_WWZW WX`S`^a X[^_`WTS_WSZV_X[aZV\[_`W^[^ %Z`W^ZS `^aU`a^W_ O Z`W^Y`_VW_`W^Y`S`^aSZV^Y`bWZ`^U WWT [[VWZ`W^_Z`[`W ^Y`S`^aSZV\S__Z`[`WbWZ`^U W O Z`W WX`_VW"T [[VU[W_X^[`W aZY_Z`[`WS`^aSZV\S__Z`[`W bWZ`^U W O W`cWWZ`W`c[USTW^_[X`WbWZ`^U W__`WZ`W^bWZ`^Ua S^_W\`a%`_S cS `S`_W\S^S`W_`WUSTW^_ O W[a`W^U[bW^ZY[X`WWS^`_`WW\US^Va%`USZTWZ`W^USZYWVc` b_UW^S \W^US^Va O W ZZY[X`WWS^`_*Z[cZS_`WWZV[US^Va O WWS^`a_U W`_W X_*Z[cZS_`W [US^Va O [Z`^[ ZY`WX [c[XT [[VTW`cWWZS`^SSZVbWZ`^U W_S^WbS bW_Z`W^Y` _VWS^W`W`^Ua_\VbS bW_SZV[Z`W WX`_VWS^WTUa_\VbS bW_
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