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Dr. Fairen - Religious Studies Theories and Methods 8

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Religious Studies
Glen Fairen

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 200 Freud and Marx both offer functional definitions, they both offer solutions to it, and both treat religion as a problem that needs to be extricated from society. SIGMUND FREUD 1856 - 1939 Austrian KEY FREUDIAN CONCEPTS Dreams - what they meant, what is their import? - Freud thought they were very significant and telling. - he noted that they showed up in myth, superstitions, folklore... Freud claimed that many of our basic biological drives can be found in the unconscious, because they are by nature 'gut reactions,' primal instinct. It is that which sits beneath, and stays beneath. it can't really be articulated. These base desires naturally filter down to the unconscious, but may bubble up to the conscious once in a while. WHAT IS PROBLEMATIC is not the natural desires that sit in the unconscious naturally but the things that we REPRESS rather than letting it be expressed. REPRESSION is the reaction to an event in one's life that is so traumatic that it cannot be expressed openly. you forcibly forget it. these things may emerge in weird behaviours, OCD, ticks, compulsions, obsessions, etc. THESE BEHAVIOURS ARE CALLED NEUROSIS, or NEUROTIC BEHAVIOURS freud did not think of htis as mental illness so much as "WISH FULFILLMENT" things you can't have are replaced by these proxies which make us feel better. these issues can't be treated by medicine but only through psychoanalysis. Freud used free association to let people trace their way back to what they are repressing. during the day we tend to be in control, but when we are asleep, the desires filter up and express themselves as dreams. FREUD SAW EVERYONE AS NEUROTIC, but some people are better at dealing with them than others. ID: kill, eat, mate, repeat SUPER-EGO: collected "moral" influences EGO: the reality principle - the balancing act. OEDIPAL COMPLEX INFANT SEXUALITY - oral stage (0-2 years old) safety - anal stage (2-4 years old) control - phallic (4-6 years old) sexual gratification *then sexual latency kicks in, where kids are non-sexual and repressed until late teens early adulthood when it is allowed to be expressed and your sexuality kicks in. sometimes you can get stuck in one of these stages and become fixated on something. FIXATION is expressed differently depending on the person. these fixations lead to NEUROSIS. one of these neuroses is best articulated in the: THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX DISPLACE THE FATHER / MARRY THE MOTHER - fear of castration (males) - penis envy (females) - he hates and respects
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