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Dr. Fairen - Religious Studies Theories and Methods 10

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Religious Studies
Glen Fairen

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 200 FREUD - moses and monotheism tries to explain early judaism with psychoanalysis. Freud asks a weird question: WAS MOSES REALLY A HEBREW? he says moses was an egyptian. Aten was a new god in egypt, one who preached universal love and was the only god. Moses is a prince in Egypt. The Aten religion falls to the wayside but he picks it up. He adopts the jewish slaves and preaches this monotheistic god of love. he takes them into the desert. they get lost for forty years. they revolt and kill moses and leave his god for the volcano god, YHWH. the new more violent faith replaced the moral of the old with animal sacrifice and warfare. this new religion managed to almost completely push out the old of moses. but it is maintained by the prophets. the people of israel find themselves face to face with the prophets who declare the monotheistic original god. they denounce the sacrifices, demanded there is one universal deity that was promoted by moses and called to his obedience. this was a radical turn not just for judaism but the whole world. so Freud is rooting christianity within these
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