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Melanie Muise

Asbestos  Greyish-white material  It is a fibrous material (group of six different minerals – natural minerals) which is separable, long, strong and flexible heating resistant fibers.  Used in: o Building materials o Paper products o Automobile industry o Special packaging and coatings  Can’t be dissolved in water, cannot evaporate into the air, or even break down into elements (it remains solid throughout) therefore, cannot reduce its toxic effects  If it deposited on the soil surface, it remains on the soil surface and cannot move through the soil profile.  How might you be exposed to asbestos? o We are all exposed to asbestos but at very low levels and so we aren’t harmed much o However those working in some industries are exposed more than others and those who live near such industries are effected through emission o Asbestos used for insulation is spread during demolition of old buildings or remodelling o From drinking water (natural contamination) o Contaminated cement pipes leading to contaminated drinking water.  Human Health Affect: affects the lungs and the membranes surrounding the lungs  Asbestosis: a scar like tissue forming inside the lungs and are not common (found in those exposed to high concentration).  Symptoms: difficulty breathing; heart enlargement; disability and may lead to death, increase the risk of attaining cancer.  If someone is smoking in the presence of asbestos increases their chances of getting affected and harmed by asbestos.  However, asbestos are not related to birth defects.  How will one know that someone is continuously exposed to asbestos? Can be measured in urine and mucus. By measuring the level, doctors can assess the potential risk. Formaldehyde  Volatile organic compound (easily evaporates at room temperature)  Colorless but has a strong scent (e.g. the smell of new furniture or carpeting)  Glue is formaldehyde and can evaporate; can b
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