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Melanie Muise

 Normal body burdens:  Hydrocarbon solvents are commonly found in fat and blood with toluene and xylene detected in 100 percent of NHANES III…  Body-burden variation:  Age:  Tissue concentration of industrial chemicals that bioaccumulation are expected to increase with age.  Gender:  Sex differences in pollutant exposure and pharmacokinetics that may affect pollutant accumulation have not been well studied.  Geography:  Although industrial chemicals are ubiquitous, location affects the magnitude of exposure.  Local pollutants source can cause increased exposures.  Surveys of pesticide exposure suggest that residents of rural agricultural communities have higher body burdens than urban residents.  Race:  Blood-lead levels have been consistently found to be higher In African Americans than in whites.  Occupations:  There are ample data to confirm that persons will occupational exposures have higher body burdens of industrial chemicals than person’s without such occupational exposures, chemical and agricultural workers being the obvious examples.  Time trends:  Many studies confirm that concentrations of organochlorine chemicals that were restricted in the United stats and Canada.  Critical populations: women and children:  Women, however excrete accumulated persistent chemicals into the fat of breast milk and in small quantities.  One function of the placenta is to serve as a barrier to keep harmful substance from the embryo and fetus, but fat soluble organocholins cross the placenta readily.  Public Health and Epideiological significance:  The measurement of body burden provides an assessment of an individuals long term exposure to a chemical, a critical parameter in epidemiologiclogy and risk assessment  Bdoy burden measurements automatica
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