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Melanie Muise

Nuclear Power Plant Accident  Three Mile Island, PA (1979)  Chernobyl, U.S.S.R (1986) –had 10 to 20 times higher dose than the Three Mile Accident The effect of different doses of radiation on the human body after acute, whole body exposure o Highly Sensitive: breasts lungs, stomach, colon o Moderate Sensitive: brain, pancreas o Low Sensitive: skin, bone, spleen, kidney, gall bladder Is Any Amount of Radiation Safe  Some scientist believe low levels are beneficial and may cure some cancer but can also cancer  How? Many cases prove this: o First observed in 1910 o Japanese survivors of atomic bomb o Uranium miners o Medical treatments o Children are more sensitive because they grow more rapidly Chemical properties of Radionuclides  Determine where health effects occur in our body  Our organs cannot distinguish between the radioactive and non-radioactive form of element 1. Radioactive Iodine in thyroid (body cannot tell it is radioactive and absorb it regardless) 2. Calcium, Strontium-90 and Radium-226 accumulate in the bones  This is not good for our body Radon  Yielded in breakdown of Uranium in soil, rock, and water (more often in ground water). This leads to indoor air pollution. It enters the home through holes in the home and circulates indoor air.  Causes lung cancer  It is odondless and colourless and therefore it cannot be detected  It is the 2 leading cause of lung cancer in the US today Non-Ionized Radiation  Microwave Radiation o Many uses (mainly microwave) Microwave Oven Radiation  Form of electromagnetic radiation o Used in cooking (easily absorbed by foods) o Pass through, glass, paper, plastic o Referred by metal  Food is not harmed  However, food is not cooked evenly—that’s why microwave spins to help distribute waves for even cooking  Microwaves bounce back and forth within the metal interior until they are absorbed by the food o Water molecule in food vibrate, producing heat that cooks the food o Food is not radioactive/contaminated o Cooks from the outside and heat is conducted inside  Most microwaves nowadays are energy efficient Microwave Oven Safety Standards  Implemented in 1971  Leaking cannot be more than: 5 mill watts
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