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Lecture 21

REN R366 Lecture 21: Restoration at a Landscape Scale

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REN R366
Michael Mac Kenzie

LEC2 LEC 2. Final staalf REN 306 APRIL 2 Restu nation at a handlacape Boade Mazumal disturbance as Alleuanl to Mestamatuon landicape, spatial hulalomshubs and untefaces between tham. -umpntant comaupts in Landscape Eloeug structure t hurton are alased Cea, mierocluindile habitat lies, magmentataon, loss of matrix harsher Hu mattir is How are these relivant to Mestolation ecology specis -aria relationship ip hestened paknes are clare. to Aumnant womanana, Kurs need to be reste med to achieve a given species ruchness- prion ttige restoration amt of habitat? intimmediate habitat connectiviht Egood Lang to our Luch you want effort and success habitat fuerogeneity good good if ik not too harsh Nestone matru habitat mprove connecti uty Disturbance landscape-scale changes ecosystem prvcesses hetetou hed could be somethi want to reste final REN 1366 APRIL 13 be From can fects tree eneration habitat, soil com /lrostom may need to conmotr populataons wild ungulates throug, ing predatote son installang hences neinhvaluat From buivm) Dss of etzt leads to tiee encroachment so lutain neunmdwu bison Cer, n Ganff, but theyle kunud in L which is not what the natural system Lodied lehe hustonically, they were hanshumance gra3ers) Other er theme disturbances quacial movement wind throw surface minim cunatu charge Relevance of climate charge driver of ecossstum degraalatuon driver hestenctun success need to when panning Future nce to benchmarus future aluesulenu restored eca ystems
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