SOC100 Lecture Notes - Intersectionality, Protecting Power

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Redistribute tax codes - taking money from wealthier people for the poor. Labor market regulations - union; protecting power, place in society. - employers are allowed to discriminate on how much they like you, how you connect with them, smile Individuals le claims, lawsuits --if you suspect discrimination, you can le a lawsuit; use courts to x situation. Sometimes must prove intent -- individuals must prove intent of employer ie: use test to screen employers; often unintentional discrimination. Issues with eeo: -inequality within courts, investing effort (some may not have the time), depending on individual to le proper claim, some discrimination may go unexamined. Powerful people more likely to mobilize rights. Mismatches between legal de nitions and reality of discrimination. Con icted treatment of intersectional claims - discrimination against only females or only one certain race Categories intersect to produce unique forms of discrimination. Refuse to hire black women b/c he stereotypes them as desperate single mothers.