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Sept 15Monday September 15 2014101 PM1 STATISTICAL RARITYSomething is deviant if it is rareLimitations criteria for rare are ambiguous whats the statistical thresholdProblem 2 common things may be seen as deviant ex Illegal download music underage drinkingProblem 3 rare thing may be acceptable being left handed statistics are not always the best way to decide what you should do consider deviant ignore contextual factors 2 HARMSomething is deviant if it causesphysical harm emotional harmHarm to the functioning of society Harm to understandings of the world Problem 1perceptions of harm may vary over timeReefer madness 1938 Problem2perceptions of harm may be subjective and contested ie Abortion each side entirely different perspectives on harm MERTONS ANOMIESTRAIN THEORIESInstitutionalized goalslegitimate means every society has set of goals that are seen as legitimate and acceptable ie Want to be president Legitimate meanswork hard in school accepted to good college good internship good job Mertons concept of STRAIN a gap between the goals and the means Strain happens when goals are eitherAToo lofty or undefinedeg Happiness or The American DreamBAchievable but the person lack means Mertons Modes of AdaptationLegitimate meansInstitutionalized goalsAcceptReject AcceptConformityInnovationNew meansRebellionRejectNew goalsRitualismRetreatism
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