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James Paul Joosse

Sept 12 ch5 Friday September 12 20141253 PMSOCIOLOGY OF DEVIANCEAn important caveatJust because a sociologist talks about someone some behaviour something as deviant this doesnt mean that he or she if necessarilymaking a moral judgementRather he or she is simply stating that various social processes have been enacted which cast this person practice or thing as deviantDEVIANCE FROM THE DEMONIC PERSPECTIVEgood and evil are external from us objective deviancehorror movies exorcistinterplay between conceiving the demon as an external force of the girl or manifestation of underlying psychological issue of girlWitch burningthe mass against the few important implication from demonic perspectivein time period insufficient explanation for bad entities in communitiesEboladying left and right no good account for why this is happeningthink of as some sort of punishmentmust have done something wrong to deservewith this perspective you look within community who serve as portals may have called for Satan or demons look to the priest to give us guidancelook to the old lady living on edge of village practicing strange forms of medicinesyou being to develop suspicion against these peoplethese people are portals for Satan they must be closedThe Inquisition created elites and a power structureelites that establish authority through the administration of deviance or good and evil Religious world as economyreligious perspectives as trying to monopolize economy Interpreting other religions into the framework during the expansion of Christianityif you are not with us you must be from the devil druids voodoo priest father ChristmasNot doing anything satanic but against the new backdrop they are pushing against the norm challenging the religious monopoly
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