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Bede Eke

November 24Disabilities Disabilities y People first philosophy place individual before the disability to focus on a persons abilities rather than limitation Use phrase people with disabilities y A disability is defined as a mental or physical condition that limits peoples everyday activities and restricts what they can do y All disabilities rates are increasing y Children born with a serious disability or injury are more likely to survive today than they were in the past y People more likely to experience chronic diseases that may have disabling consequencesMental Illness y Women experience higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders y Men are twice as likely to have a substance dependency y Lowincome groups have higher rates of mental disorders y Downward drift hypothesisObesity y Affects almost half of Canadian population y State characterized by a BMI of 30 or more in adults y Between 30 and 80 of European population y Economic burden consuming 2 to 8 of overall health care budgets Discriminating Against People With Disabilitiesy Occurs when a person or group either denies or grants advantages to members of a particular group y Section 15 of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms y 52 of Canadians with disabilities reported that they have personally experienced regular or occasional forms of discrimination y Ableism refers to discrimination against those who have a mental or physical disability on the basis of preconceived stereotypical notions about their limitations
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