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Social Inequality

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University of Alberta
Bede Eke

November 29Social InequalityWhat is Social Stratification y Social stratification societys hierarchical ranking of people into social class y Social class based on both birth and achievements y Social status position within the class structure y Principles of Social Stratification meritocracy relatively stable some social mobility varies in how it presents itself income vs Prestige fair and justSocial Inequality y Inequality is the result of a system that ranks people from high to low on subjective criteria such as gender minority status sexuality y Supported by dominant ideology rather than individual capability y Classism worth is determined by social and economic status y Blaming the victim working harder will alleviate poverty y Blaming the system systemic discrimination Ranking IndividualsSocial systems rank people in 2 ways y Closed systems and open systemsClosed system based on ascribed status y Very little room for social mobility y Caste systems determine what people can wear what jobs they can perform and who they can marry y Membership hereditary y Ex India and JapanOpen system based on achieved status y Result of ones own merit within the class structure y Income occupational prestige and education
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