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Race And Racialization

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Bede Eke

Race and Racialization Dec 6Prejudice Racism and Discrimination y Prejudicenegative assessment about what a person or group is like before you actually meet them y Ecological Fallacydrawing conclusions about individual attributes from data gathered from an entire group y Exception Fallacydrawing conclusions about an entire group based on observations of individuals y Stereotypesweeping generalizations about a category of people that are applied to all members of that category Racismy An ideology that maintains that one race is inherently superior to another y Defining others as inferior allows the majority group to reinforce its own collective identity and sense of superiority Democratic Racism y A system that advocates equality but in fact perpetuates minority differentiation and oppressiony Stereotypes and racism are the result of social processes Discrimination y Occurs when a person or group with either denies or grants advantages to members of a particular group individual direct institutional or indirect institutional y Individual Discriminationindividuals advantage or disadvantage others because of their group membership y Direct Institutional Discrimination Institution employs policies or practices that are discriminatory against a person or group in that they deny that person or group a right or freedom y Indirect Institutional Discriminationoccurs when an action produces uneven results on a group or person because of an unlawful criterion but lacks the intent of being discriminatory
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