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Lecture 9

SOC210 Lecture 9: Hypothesis sampling

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University of Alberta
Michelle Maroto

SOC 210 Lecture 9 Hypothesis Testing (Large Samples) Hypothesis Testing (Large Samples) 1. Statement about populations 2. Explore whether the observed data can reject the hypothesis about the population with some probability Outline: Step 1: Assumption Step 2: Null and research hypothesis Step 3: Sampling and critical region Step 4: Compute the test statistics Step 5: Make decisions and interpret Hypothesis testing for proportions (Large samples) Step 1: assumptions and test requirements Method of sampling = random Level of measurement = nominal Sampling distribution = normal in shape Step 2: state the null and research hypothesis No difference with the population proportion Step 3: sampling distribution and critical region Z distribution, Z (critical) Step 4: compute the test statistics Z (obtained) Step 5: Make decisions and interpret :alroF 12 Z (obtained) = (P s P ((P(1 P n)) If Z (obtained) does not fall in the critical region, then it fail to reject the null hypothesis, which stated that our population equals 0.55, the difference is not significant. Polling and proportions Questions to think about Is it an accurate sample of the population whose opinion we are trying to measure? Have the questions been posed in a way that elicits accurate information on the topic of interest? Are respondents telling the truth?
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