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Lecture 17

SOC210 Lecture 17: Bivariate and multivariate association to interval-ratio variables

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Michelle Maroto

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SOC 210 Lecture 17 Bivariate and multivariate association to intervalratio variables Lab assignment guidelines Example. Income inequality is measured as 20:20, which compares the average income for the top 20 of earners to the income for bottom 20; the level of trust refers to the of people in the population who agrees with statement of most people can be trust, so does inequality affect population in OECD countries? Interpret b and a: b=3.19, a=51.86 The level of trust in a country decreases by 3.19 points for every point increase in 20:20 income ratio, the regression line crosses the Y axis at Y = 51.86, indicating the level of Y when X is zero Bavariate Functions Scatterplot in R Plot (X, Y), inequ20 = X, trust = Y a = b x b = b = S xy S x Hypothesis testing with Pearsons r Step1 : assumptions independent random sample level of measurement is intervalratio normal bivariate normal distribution linear relationship homoscedasticity step 2: null hypothesis H 0: p = 0 (no linear association) H 1: p 0 Step 3: Sampling distribution and critical value Step 4: Calculate test statistics T (obtained) = r (n2 1 r 2) , where n = the sample size, r = Pearsons r Step 5: decide and interpret Our t (obtained) of 2.99 exceeds our t (critical) of +2.042 and falls in the critical region Our pvalue < 0.05, then we can reject the null hypothesis, then indicates no
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