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Lecture 14

SOC210 Lecture 14: Bivariate Measure of Association

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Michelle Maroto

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SOC 210 Lecture 15 Bivariate Measure of Association Bivariate measure of association Measure of association: provide information about the strength and direction of relationship X Y Bivariate association Two variables are said to be associated when they vary or change together Three key questions: 1. Does an association exist 2. How strong is the association between X and Y? 3. Is the association positive or negative? How strong is the association? The maximum difference 1. Biggest difference in column percentages for any row of the table Approximate way to measure strength of association MaximumDifference RelationshipStr ength 010points weak 1130points m oderate >30points str ong Example A. Political ideology Conservative liberal total F f No 14 36.84 29 72.5 43 Yes 24 63.16 11 27.5 35 Maximum difference: 72.5 36.84 = 35.66, so it is a strong relationship What is the direction of the relationship? In positive relationships, the variables vary in the same direction In negative relationship, the variables vary in the opposite direction A measure of association A single summarizing number that: Reflects the strength of a relationship Indicates the usefulness of predicting the dependent variableo ret independent variable Often shows the direction of the relationship
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