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Lecture 15

SOC210 Lecture 15: Bivariate measures of association for ordinal level variables

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Michelle Maroto

SOC 210 Lecture 15 Bivariate measures of association for ordinal level variables Gamma Measures of association for two collapse ordinal variables Measures both strength and direction of a relationship Symmetrical Based on the logic of pairs of cases n sand n d To compute Gamma, first find n and n s d ns= total number of similar pairs nd = total number of dissimilar pairs Example. 1. first pair = Person 1 and person 2 same order on both variables similar (ns) 2. second pair = person 3 and person 4 different order on the variable dissimilar (nd) Education(X) Income(Y) Person1 High High Person2 Low Low Person3 High Low Person4 Low High :alroF G = (n n ) (n + n ) s d s d ranges from 0 (no association) to +1 (perfect association) if s> n d then gamma will be positive if s< n d then gamma will be negative Strength of the relationship Value of gamma Strength 00.1 weak 0.110.3 moderate >0.3 strong Limitations of gamma When variables are not coded from low to high, exercise caution in using the sign (+ or ) of gamma to determine actual direction of the relationship Gamma tends to exaggerate the real strength of association
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