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Lecture 18

SOC210 Lecture 18: Multivariate Measures of Association

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University of Alberta
Michelle Maroto

SOC 210 Lecture 18 Multivariate measures of association Multivariate measures of association Partial correlation: allows us to examine how a bivariate relationship changes when control variables are introduced Multiple regressions: investigates the separate effects of two independent variables on a dependent variables Multiple correlations: examines the combined effects of more than one independent variable on a dependent variable Partial correlation Interested in the relationship between X1 and Y1, but also consider the role X2 X1Y X2 How does X2 affect the relationship between X1 and Y? How strong is the association between X1 and Y, once we consider X2? Direct relationship A multivariate relationship between where the control variable, has no effect on the bivariate relationship between X1 and Y X1Y X2 Spurious relationship A multivariate relationship where the control variable, X2 is the cause of both the independent variable X1, and the dependent variable Y X1 X2 Y Intervening relationships A multivariate relationship where X1 and X2 are liked through the control variable, X2 X2 (occupation) I I I I X1(educationlevel) Y(income) :salroF R y1.2= (y1 r y2 12 (1 ry22)12(1 r12) )2 12
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